President Obama’s Harvard classmate from India,Dr Surat Singh says_it is great to attend Inauguration 516-587-1959


Indian Judges are great but they are kept over busy, says Dr. Surat Singh, Harvard and Oxford Educated Lawyer of India.

Every year when I get  a privilege to see High Court and Supreme Court Judges on Diwali, I am struck by the collection of abilities , decency, brilliance,  Courage and Self-Imposed sacrifices of Indian Judges. But we keep them over busy in routine matters. We are not able to put their talents and experience to the best use.

Dr. Surat Singh congratulated his Harvard Classmate President Obama on his Re-Election. President Obama graciously replied back instantly

Dr. Surat Singh, a top lawyer of India and Harvard classmate of President Obama congratulated President Obama and first lady on Re-Election. On 7th November, 2012 (Indian Time) Dr. Surat Singh wrote following congratulatory email to president Obama and first lady. Dear Barack and Michelle, Heartiest congratulations on your re-election. I have had already predicted